Why You Should Be Using a Facebook Page For Your Business

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Facebook remains the most popular social media platform by far, with close to 80% of online adults using it daily. That alone should be plenty of impetus for you to get your brand in front of people on Facebook.

While it may be tempting to just use your personal page to promote your company website and products, it’s actually against Facebook Policy and it’s possible your profile could get shut down. Ever considered a Facebook business page? A short amount of time and effort put into making one can actually do wonders for your brand on the biggest social media platform in the world. More than 65 million businesses have a Facebook business page. Why should you?

Your digital doors are open.

First of all, Facebook pages are free! And simple. No need to have any experience building out a website to make a great looking page to represent your brand. It’s so easy to use this tool to increase your brand awareness. When people like your page or your posts, that shows up in their friends’ feeds. It’s a great way to expose your brand to potential new customers without having to spend a dime.

Connect authentically.

A Facebook Page can be as authentic as a personal profile. Consistent posts with helpful and interesting content for your consumers is one way to connect. You can respond to messages or posts in real time. You can host live video moments or pose questions to your audience to engage them. Your page is the epitome of your brand identity.

Pages are designed for businesses and organizations

Features of the page help you connect with NEW customers and reach your goals. You can create Facebook ads or boost a specific post. Of course, this is an extra cost, but you can do a lot with a small budget. Good content will drive potential customers directly back to your website without being too pushy.

Page roles can let you give other people access to edit your Page, which is obviously so much easier than giving out your password to your personal page. You can have multiple editors and administrators on your business page.

Another fantastic feature of the Facebook page is that you can schedule posts to occur directly through Facebook rather than having to use another tool (efficient and cost-saving!). You can also connect your Facebook Page to other platforms like Twitter.

Data analysis

On a Facebook business page, you have access to Page insights where you can see metrics like which posts people engage with the most, the best time of the day for high engagement, and page visitor demographics like age and location. You can easily target your posts or ads to specific audiences using demographics and key words.

Best of all, you have FULL control over your brand image on a Facebook page. Visitors to your page are not able to tag you and post on your main feed.  So what are you waiting for? Launch your Facebook business page today!


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