Why a Facebook Cover Photo Matters

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First impressions matter.


When a customer arrives at your Facebook page, do you know where they first look? Typically, Facebook users’ eyes are immediately drawn to the 828 x 315 pixel image at the top of the page, also known as your cover photo. This image allows businesses to offer an additional professional component and a great first impression.


Most businesses now manage a Facebook business page. Facebook Business serves a number of purposes, including: customer service and support, news, brand awareness, and a channel for corporate and social responsibility. If your page is not enticing, customers may view your page as unprofessional.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Just like a magazine or newspaper photo, an image speaks volumes to your brand, and drives consumers to read more.


Because first impressions are so important, it is pertinent that you follow the guidelines and suggestions put in place by Facebook. When creating a company cover photo, Facebook suggests that you:

  • Be creative. 
  • Use a unique photo that represents your page. 
  • Create a strong visual to positively impact your page. 
  • Not infringe on copyrights, or encourage users to repost your cover photo on personal profiles.

Your Facebook cover photo says a lot about who you are as a company. Because we love a great first impression, we have 5 suggestions to make your cover photo the best it can be:

  1. Be a rule follower 

When it comes to following the rules, you don’t want to break the policies set in place by Facebook. You can find the Facebook Page Terms here (link to: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php).


  1. Bring an element of holiday cheer

Updating your Facebook cover photo with the change of seasons and holidays is a fun way to add a cheery element to your page. Experimenting with color schemes and seasonal photos will keep you current, and on trend. Mix it up by adding a fun holiday team photo, or displaying seasonal products.


  1. Provide an educational opportunity 

Whether your brand is offering a new product or service, or has completely revamped key components of the business, provide an educational opportunity for consumers. Many users utilize Facebook as their first source of news or information, so play show and tell – show them what is new or exciting about your company through an illustration or photo in your cover photo.


  1. Combine your Facebook profile picture with your cover photo

One of the most eye-catching techniques used on Facebook is the integration of a Facebook profile picture with a cover photo. Many well know brands have carried out this technique flawlessly, and added an element of surprise and entertainment to page viewers. This is one of the best ways to stand out in the crowd.


  1. #Hashtags 

Does your company have a branded or seasonal hashtag? Show it off! You can cleverly incorporate your hashtag in text on your cover, which adds in a cohesive element to your page.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Show users why you are different than the rest. Just as users cycle through profile pictures and cover photos, so should you. Utilizing the same cover photo may seem effective, but over time, it will become dull and boring to users. Mix it up, and give users a reason to visit you again!

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