Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media in 2022

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Boost your social media engagement rate with these organic and paid practices.

Social media engagement is a buzzword that marketers, influencers, and small businesses alike are all too familiar with. Everyone strives for more engagement—more user attention to their content. Well, the secret to a higher engagement rate is not so secret, and everyone can use these methods to grab eyeballs and build a fanbase. 

Use Real Pictures 

Many business accounts fall victim to the ease and simplicity of using stock photos, but we’d venture to say that stock photos do not align with what the average social media user wants to see on their feed. So, ditch the stock photos for real pictures that look organic and genuine. 

Interact with Your Audience 

The easiest way to increase engagement on social media is to interact with your audience. The whole point of social media is to get social—communicate, share, like, and talk with each other. Every time you hop on your account, make it a goal to interact with at least 2-5 people (or more, if you’re feeling chatty).

Comment Back 

If someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, even if it is just an emoji or simple comment, always respond back. When you comment back, you are helping boost your engagement rate on social media by continuing the conversation and adding more one comment into your analytics. Plus, it shows good faith on your part to communicate with those who want to communicate with you. 

Boost Your Posts via Ads 

If organic engagement methods are not working, consider boosting your posts via ads. Boosted posts will get in front of more eyes and, hopefully, accomplish the goal you set, such as increased engagement. 


Which one of these methods will you be implementing on your social media accounts? We hope all of them! 

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