Upcoming Marketing Trends for 2022

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Being an early adopter is a great way to make the most of any new trend, especially when it comes to business. As we near the end of 2021, it’s time to take a look at all of the exciting new technologies and strategies that are likely to take off in the new year. Here are a few upcoming marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022.


Voice-activated SEO

Siri, what is the best local restaurant? Alexa, where can I buy winter boots? Hey Google, what’s the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies? If you’ve ever used a voice-activated assistant, you may have wondered what causes these devices to suggest certain places, products, or resources. While the exact details regarding “how to be suggested by the algorithm” haven’t been talked about publicly, having your content optimized for conversational long-tail keywords is a great place to start.

Integrations everywhere

As technology continues to integrate itself into all parts of our daily lives, consumers have begun to expect their technology to play well together. Thus far, tech integrations have only been available to large companies. In 2022, we can expect these tech integrations to become mainstream with help from tools that allow non-developers to connect different services like Zapier and IFTTT. Small business owners can delight customers and try out this technology with homemade Alexa Skills.

Direct Mail (again)

Trends have a habit of coming back every few years. We’re expecting a “what’s old is new again” resurgence for direct mail. Direct mail was once so popular, nearly any promotional mail became relegated to the recycling bin as “junk mail.” However, the strong switch to all-digital everything grants new opportunities when it comes to physical mail. Direct mail is a great way to increase brand awareness in specific areas, stand out from digital-only competitors, and rid the chance of landing in spam mail, unlike digital email inboxes.

Enhanced privacy

Data privacy has been on the minds of consumers for years, a trend that will inevitably continue. As browsers discontinue the use of tracking cookies and device makers work to increase default privacy settings, strategic marketers will embrace the change to privacy-forward marketing strategies. This could include using your privacy policy as a part of your marketing or simply ensuring your website privacy policy is up-to-date and compliant to new platform and regional requirements.

Display ads


Dsplay ads are likely to gain popularity as web browsers increase the privacy restrictions they impose on advertisers. As third-party data becomes more scarce and less reliable, first-party data will be crucial — available from advertisers like Google. Additionally, when it comes to display advertising, there are options allowing advertisers to pay only when someone interacts with their ad, eliminating wasted marketing spend!



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