Steal These 7 SEO Tips for Traffic and Reach in 2022 

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Generate more traffic and reach with these search engine optimization tips.

Anyone with an online presence desires to rank higher in Google search, get more web traffic, and reach more people. To accomplish this in 2022, you need to work with—not against—the search algorithm and steer your tactical focus toward updating your SEO strategy. 

7 Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2022

Prioritize these seven SEO tips in your digital strategy this year. 

1. Focus on UX

As of 2021, Google’s update prioritizes user experience very heavily. They measure UX primarily by looking at three factors: website loading speed, website stability, and website interactiveness and responsiveness. 

2. Focus on Mobile 

Mobile is king right now. Google prioritizes search visibility for websites that are optimized for mobile responsiveness. That means, your website can load properly when viewed on a mobile device. 

3. Use Internal Linking 

Internal links refer to linking to different pages on your website. For example, in a blog post, you may link to your “contact” page or another blog post. 

4. Title Tags Matter 

Google has changed how it generates webpage titles in search. It is important to write a compelling title tag for your page, whether it be a blog post or a standalone page.

5. Refresh Existing Content 

Make a conscious effort to refresh the content on your website every now and then, putting a heavy emphasis on pages that are generating the least amount of traffic. 

6. Long-Tail, Low-Competition Keywords

Take advantage of long-tail keywords that have low competition. Using these keywords will help generate traffic faster and build momentum in search engines. 

7. A/B Test 

Develop a testing mentality around SEO in 2022, and you’ll stay ahead of the game. A/B testing involves testing one element against another to determine what works best and gets you the best results. 


Search engine optimization is not something you set in place and forget about. It involves implementation, evaluation, and then re-implementation repeatedly. Remember this when you are setting your SEO strategy for 2022.

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