Planning For Your Events in Three Steps

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Are you getting ready to host an event? Planning should begin with plenty of time for preparation. Four weeks is the minimum amount of time recommended for events of any size. During the planning process, you should take into account all aspects of the event, from budgeting to marketing. 

Create a Timeline and Budget

Begin planning your event by creating a timeline. This timeline should include when tasks must be completed and when deadlines for tasks should be set. 

For example, if you are ordering flower or balloon arrangements, what is the lead time from order to purchase to execution? Will you need to schedule event speakers in advance? 

Along with a timeline comes a budget. It’s essential to have a well-defined budget for any event. This will ensure all costs are covered and that minimal unexpected expenses pop up.

Consider Security 

Safety should be the number one concern when planning any event. These days, it’s necessary to do a risk assessment of the event, taking into account the party size, the venue, and the planned activities. This includes hiring security personnel and making sure everyone is aware of emergency procedures. 

Hire a Planning & Marketing Duo

Why not have a team of people to help plan and execute the event for you? 

This team should include individuals who are knowledgeable in different aspects of event planning, such as budgeting, marketing, and logistics. They should also be able to work together with you (the host) to ensure a successful event that checks all the boxes on your list. 

Additionally, effective marketing is key to ensuring that people attend the event! A strong marketing plan should include the use of social media, email campaigns, and traditional marketing techniques. 

Tolbert Marketing and Events does both! Contact us to talk about planning your next event and taking all the details off your hands. 

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