Keeping Company Culture Alive in Just Three Steps

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Workplace culture can be easily forgotten. Keep it alive through scheduled check-ins and clear communication.

An organization’s culture is its foundation. So, there’s no wonder why keeping company culture alive is so essential for driving long-term success. While this task may seem overwhelming, you can continuously call attention to your workplace culture in just three steps.

Schedule Team Meetups

One great way to keep company culture alive is to schedule routine team meetups. You could host a virtual or in-person meetup once per week, bi-weekly, or once per month, depending on your team’s dynamic and needs.

During these meetups, do your best to encourage communication among each team member, gather feedback, and ensure that the team is on track and feeling motivated. Try to infuse a bit of company culture into each meetup.

For example, if your culture is based around personal growth, have everyone begin the meetup with a growth-centered activity.

Hold 1:1 Check-ins

Aside from team gatherings, checking in with your team one-on-one is critical for keeping company culture alive and maintaining a constructive relationship with your employees. Holding 1:1 meetings is part of the continuous feedback model, which is all about managing performance and ensuring your employee is still aligned with their work, team, goals, and the company as a whole.

Additionally, sitting one-on-one gives you the chance to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Talk About Culture

Arguably the simplest way to keep company culture alive is to just talk about it. Talking about the culture continues to remind everyone that it exists, what it entails, and how it is demonstrated throughout all levels within the company.

You don’t have to sound like a broken record and push the culture on your employees. However, you should periodically touch on your mission, goals, vision, values, and environment in an effort to further cultivate and take note of your brand’s essence. This could be achieved with something as simple as a company-wide email sent out once a week relating to your culture.


The ways you practice keeping your company culture alive point back to your company’s personality and character. As you are developing company culture, keep in mind how you want people to interact, collaborate, and work together toward a mission or cause. What does your organization’s culture look like?

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