Is Consistent Content Really the Key to Digital Marketing?

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Learn why posting consistently to your blog or social media accounts is critical to your digital marketing strategy.

You’ve heard it a million times. Posting consistent content online is the key to growing your presence and building an audience. If you care about your brand, then you’ll strive to show up on social media in a way that allows your customers to perceive you best. How you are perceived has a direct impact on your business, now and into the future. If we could guess, you probably want to be seen as a reliable and dependable company.

While throwing up a blog or social media post every now and then is what many businesses believe to be a good content strategy, this inconsistency could be doing more harm than good for your digital marketing efforts and brand perception.

Does Posting Consistent Content Matter?

In short, yes, posting consistent content matters. According to a Techipedia stat on HubSpot, brands who practice consistency are worth 20% more than brands who are inconsistent with their messaging.

The reason why? Think of it this way. When your content’s quality and quantity are sporadic, it paints a confusing picture for consumers. On the flip side, if you set clear expectations through scheduled high-quality content, your audience knows what to expect and feels a sense of reliability.

Consistency Allows for Connection

Publishing content consistently also opens the door for connection with your audience. It gives you the opportunity to learn from your audience and create a greater sense of community, since they have more chances to interact with your posts. Additionally, when you post consistent content, you invite your audience to keep up with you while encouraging continuous interaction. This positively affects your brand awareness level.


While consistent content creation may seem challenging, it is certainly worth the reward. Start slow with one platform, and expand as you get the hang of it. Using scheduling tools or hiring someone to manage the process for you will make posting easier as well.

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