How to tell when you need a break

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With the prevalence of work-from-home and the always-on access to email, chat messengers, and other digital tools, it can be hard to disconnect and relax. While vacations have been proven to lower stress and improve performance for business owners and employees, not everyone takes advantage of this much-needed rest time. Here are 4 signs that indicate when you need a break. 

Cynicism & Negativity

Think about your first day at your job. You were likely full of excitement and optimism. You wanted to show up early and had a positive, friendly disposition. Unfortunately, as we start to drive towards burnout, much of this positivity fades. While your work may have once felt fulfilling and engaging, that joy and interest can be leeched out by the slow creep of burnout. While it’s normal for your attitude to change as you understand the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day grind, if you’re feeling that everything is bad and everyone on your team is lacking, it’s likely a sign you need a break. 

Changes in sleep or eating patterns

For most people, it can be difficult to completely compartmentalize their work and personal lives. This can mean that the stress of the workday follows them home. If you find yourself being kept awake at night by racing thoughts of the work responsibilities, or too stressed out to eat, it’s time to take a break. Likewise, even if you are getting adequate rest, if your dreams are filled with themes about your work, it’s likely a sign that your subconscious is working overtime. Take this as a push to unplug for a few days. 

Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation can show up in your personal or professional life. How do you spend your evenings and weekends? Are you doing the hobbies and activities you enjoy or do you feel so depleted at the end of the workweek that your weekends are spent in recovery mode? Are you able to complete your work tasks on time and without dread? If you’re finding it hard to muster up the motivation to complete the routine tasks that keep your job, home, and self running, it’s a sure sign that you’re in a need of a break. 

Physical sickness

How you are feeling physically is a strong indicator of how you are doing mentally. When you’re in a stressed-out mental state, your immune system can take a hit. If you’re noticing that you’re getting headaches, stomach troubles, or are more susceptible to colds, it’s likely a sign your body is trying to get you to slow down. 

Everyone needs a break sometimes. For some, that means taking a vacation to get away from it all, while others just need a little more help and support to take some things off their plate. Let Tolbert Marketing and Events help ease your burden by supporting your event and marketing initiatives. Our professionals deliver amazing results with website design and maintenance, social media marketing, public relations, and much more allowing you to lighten your load and focus on what’s important to you. 

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