How to Grow Your Instagram Audience

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With roughly one billion monthly users globally and over 170 million users in the U.S. alone, Instagram can be an untapped resource for your business. Creating content and posting to your Instagram is just the first step. Here are some tips to grow your Instagram audience.

Create a public page

One of the surest ways to cap the growth of your Instagram account is to have it set to “private” meaning only people who follow you are able to see your posts. Having a private profile means your posts and Reels won’t show up in the “Discover” section of the Instagram app and it makes it difficult for potential followers to grasp why they should follow you.

Set your profile as a business

Whether you’re trying to grow an Instagram account for business or personal use, it’s a good idea to convert the account to be a business page. Not only does this allow you to see analytics about how much engagement your posts have received, but you also get access to new tools and better search functions, especially with new products like Reels.

Use popular hashtags

One of the oldest pieces of social media advice is still one of the most relevant. Hashtags can help people find your posts through organic search and can help you expand your audience to others who find your page and your posts to be entertaining, informative, or otherwise engaging. It’s a good idea to use hashtags on every Instagram post and Reel for the best discoverability as well as taking some time to learn which hashtags are best for your audience or industry.

Try out Reels

Instagram released Reels, a feature designed to create short, entertaining videos, in August 2020. Many Instagram creators have credited Reels with helping them to reach large audiences in a less competitive way and have seen their followings soar over the last year. Reels can be a great tool for discovery making it a fun and engaging way to reach new audiences.

Follow trends

One way to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm is to hop on the trend bandwagon. This is especially relevant when creating Reels for Instagram because the algorithm is designed to show audiences more of the same when they find content they like. One of the easiest ways to spot and join a trend is to keep an eye out for trending audio clips. If you hear the same song or theme being repeated in several Reels, you have found a trend!

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