Creating a Great Workspace at Home

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In today’s work-from-home era, creating a great workspace at home is important to stay productive, energized, and inspired. 

Simple Ways to Create a Great Workspace 

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, a remote employee, or simply someone who wants to be more productive in their free time, we hear you. Follow these simple ways to create a great workspace at home to help you reach your goals. 

Task Timers

Do you track your time? Tracking time is an incredibly helpful habit, and you can use free plug-ins like Clockify or a free (starter) software like Clickup to track those important tasks. Even if you’re working on a personal project, you can benefit from knowing how much time it took you to get from point A to B to completion. 

Ergonomic Desk Setup

Build the right desk setup, but not just any old setup; make it ergonomic. Investing in quality, ergonomic furniture is essential because you want to ensure you’re comfortable, have enough space to work, and can maintain good body posture when sitting for long hours. If you work on a laptop, we recommend using a laptop riser to prevent neck strain, as well. 

Dry-Erase Note Taking Pads

Be prepared to write down notes and ideas at a moment’s notice. Glass dry-erase boards, like this one from Quartet, are a great addition to your workspace. Use different colored dry-erase markers to color-code notes or lists, and then wipe the board clean to start again. 


Create a great workspace at home by making your office a reflection of your personality and style. Don’t forget to add items that inspire you to do your best work, and pay special attention to the lighting. Swap those warm bulbs for bright light to stimulate your mind and create a sense of alertness.

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