Check In With Your Audience Using These Methods

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Businesses and organizations must take the time to check in with their audience when they are executing a marketing plan, considering offering a new service, or refreshing their content strategy. Understanding who your audience is and what they expect or want is key to creating content and services that resonate.

Reading Audience Comments

One of the best ways to check in with your audience and determine if you are meeting their needs is to read their comments. Through comments, you can get an understanding of what topics they are engaging with, what they like or don’t like, and what topics or ideas you should explore further. Keeping up with comments is especially important for getting immediate feedback after making a post, announcing a product launch, posting a video, or doing a collab with another brand or influencer. 

Conducting Surveys

Another way to check in with your audience is to conduct surveys. Surveys are a great way to get a deeper understanding of who your audience is and how they feel about the content or services you are providing. Surveys can capture insights and preferences that you can then use to create tailored content and services that will better suit the needs of your audience.

Monitoring Analytics

Monitor analytics to get a better understanding of how your audience is engaging with your content. Through analytics, you can gain insights into how many people are visiting or interacting with your content, where they are coming from, and which content is performing the best.


Checking in with your audience is essential. Taking the time to read their comments, conduct surveys, and monitor analytics are great ways to ensure you are creating content that resonates with your audience and designing services that suit their needs.

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