9 Upcoming Marketing Trends for 2023 That Will Be Hot 

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Stay ahead of your competitors by jumping on the latest upcoming marketing trends of 2023.

1. Influencer-Brand Relationships  

Influencer marketing is here to stay in 2023. The influencer marketing industry grew from $1.7B to $13.8B between the years of 2016 to 2021, and it’s only going up. 

2. Live Stream Shopping 

We are in an era of video-based content and live streams. If you’re familiar with TikTok Live, then you know that businesses are already using the live stream feature to sell their products in real-time.

3. UGC

User-generated content is here to stay, rising in popularity as an alternative or companion to influencer marketing. Consumers are more likely to trust content created by real people.

4. SEO Voice Search 

While SEO is at the forefront of websites and digital content, we will also see SEO become incorporated into voice search. For example, marketers will frame information in conversational formats. 

5. VR Integrations 

While virtual reality is popular among younger generations, upcoming marketing trends for 2023 suggest that VR has a high potential for use in promoting products and creating virtual product-based experiences. 

6. Increased AI Use 

Marketers are adopting artificial intelligence to use for spotting trends more efficiently. They also plan to use AI to build out better data models to understand their audiences on a deeper level. 

7. Focus on Customer Experience

An increased focus on the customer experience is an upcoming marketing trend for 2023 because the CX plays a huge role in business success. 

8. Focus on Inclusivity 

Marketing professionals must stay at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, making a conscious effort to ensure that their marketing does not exclude or call out a certain portion of the population. 

9. Heightened Customer Privacy 

Data privacy and protection is a huge, constant conversation among advertisers and marketers around the world. In 2023, the conversation will not slow down. 


How will you incorporate these marketing trends into your strategy this upcoming year?

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