5 Ways to Start Creating Buzz Around Your Business Today

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If no one knows about your business, it won’t last very long. Generating buzz around your business is an essential marketing task to bring in more clients and build your brand. Here are a few ways to start creating some buzz using social media. 

Tease On Multiple Platforms

Is your business on multiple platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram? Take advantage of your omnichannel social media presence to create buzz around your business. Tease a product launch on TikTok, directing viewers to your IG for the second half of the teaser and vice versa. 

Get Influencers Involved

According to stats by Oberlo, an astounding 80% of consumers complete a purchase after seeing an influencer recommend a product on social media. The influencer and content creator markets are worth billions of dollars, and every company wants to take advantage of them. So, partner up with influencers in your niche to drive not only sales but also brand awareness. 

Release BTS Videos 

One of the most authentic ways to create buzz around your business is by releasing behind-the-scenes videos on social media. You can use IG Reels, TikTok, or YouTube to highlight what a typical day is like at your business, how a product is made, or what goes into a product launch. People love seeing what is typically held behind closed doors (human curiosity). 

Organize Giveaways 

Everyone loves free goodies and services! Consider organizing a giveaway, particularly around the time you launch a new product or service. You can use a service like Rafflecopter or encourage people to like, follow, and share your posts on social media to enter a random drawing. 

Get an Interview or Guest Post 

This method might involve a bit of cold outreach, but it will allow you to tap into an audience outside of your own. Look for opportunities to interview or guest post with other similar brands. Most often, blogs are eager to find contributors, and they almost always allow contributors to link back to their own social media and website. 


Give one of these buzz-worthy marketing tactics a try to see how they can work for your brand!

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