4 Ways to Increase Your Email Database 

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Grow your list of contacts and build an email list.

Email is alive and thriving in 2022, but the quality of your email list—probably not so much. Your contact database degrades over time as people change their email addresses for one reason or another. If you’re just getting started with email, you might not even have a list to begin with. Here are four simple ways to grow your email list and build a database full of potential customers’ contact information. 

1. Add Email Opt-Ins to Your Website

One of the easiest ways to build your email list passively is by including email opt-ins on your website. You can add an opt-in form on the home page, in the footer, and as a pop-up. 

2. Use Social Media 

Social media is great for capturing emails. Include a link to an opt-in form in the “link in bio” section. You can also push a freebie in posts, videos, and in DMs, asking for people to send their email addresses so that you can send the freebie. 

3. Host a Giveaway 

Try hosting a giveaway on social media, too. You can create a standalone, full-page opt-in form for your giveaway and put it in your “link in bio” throughout the course of the giveaway. Also, link it in the post itself. 

4. Collect Emails at Checkout 

If you run an ecommerce store, you can collect emails when the customer goes to check out, or when they make a new account. You can set this up within most ecommerce platforms and integrate it with your email service provider (ESP). 


An email list is the bread and butter of your business. Try out one of the techniques mentioned above to grow your list, and remember, contact us if you’d rather have someone else do the work for you. 

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