4 Critical Things Your Website Should Have


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Your website is the face of your business, and it’s often the first thing prospective clients see when they look you up online. To help you make a good impression, we’re answering the question, “What things should my website have?”

Why You Should Care About Your Website 

Before we dive into each element your website needs, it’s important to understand why your website matters and, more importantly, why you should care. 

  • 83% of people expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds. 
  • It takes 50 milliseconds for a user to make an opinion of your website.
  • 48% of consumers say that a website’s design is the #1 way to determine business credibility 

Your Website Needs These Four Elements


1. Easily Accessible “Contact Us”

According to a study by Komarketing, about 64% of people visiting your website want access to contact information. To take it a step further, they want it to be readily available with as minimal clicks and scrolls as possible. 

2. Services 

The second thing your website should have is a clear outline of your service or product offerings. Again, per the study by Komarketing, 86% of consumers want to see your product or service offerings on the home page. 

3. Branding and Brand Values 

Your website needs branding, such as brand colors and branded images. A brand differentiates you from your competitors, creates a clear message about who you are, and helps retain loyal customers over time. Somewhere on your ‘About Us’ page, include your brand’s values to add a layer of depth to your brand image. 

4. Case Studies or Portfolio

Consumers will be more likely to make a purchase if they have a semi-idea of what to expect. Case studies, portfolios, galleries, and samples of your work are incredibly important. This is one element your website should have, no matter if you offer services or sell a physical product. 


Add each of these elements to your website to create a better experience for your website visitors. Though the changes may seem small, every 1% change adds up over time to create a better website experience.  

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