3 Basic Elements You Need for Establishing Your Brand

Building Brand

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If you are building your first brand from the ground up, you’re probably scratching your head in confusion. Where do you start? What should your brand look like? How do you establish a brand your audience will love? 

Branding in Three Steps 

A brand is more than a logo. Yes, it involves design elements, but a brand has much more to do with perception. Your brand brings along a set of promises and expectations that, when carried out how you define them, can nurture your reputation and connect with consumers. Think about your favorite brands and the expectations you have when you interact or make a purchase from them. 

With that said, you will need design elements for establishing your brand, such as colors, fonts, and a style of imagery.

Pick Colors

Choose the colors that will represent your brand. Not only do colors define your brand’s aesthetic, but they also express specific feelings. For example, red conveys excitement and bold energy. Green represents health and growth, often used in financial applications too. So, consider the emotions you want to incite, then choose colors accordingly. The Coolors tool is helpful for generating color palettes. 

Choose Fonts

Fonts are another essential element for establishing your brand. Pick one primary font style and two or three complementary font styles. For example, you may want a primary font for body text on your website and a secondary font style for headings. These fonts should go on your site, graphic design images, and product packaging. 

Use Visuals to Portray an Image

This is the part of establishing your brand that really draws out the character and personality you want to portray to your audience. Do you want to be seen as funny or serious, whimsical or classic? Create a Pinterest board and pin images to the board that you feel represent the aesthetic and feeling you want your brand to have. 


Now that you have laid the foundation for your branding, it’s time to implement it. We recommend creating a brand deck, which is just a document that outlines your font styles, hex color codes, and image style examples.

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