2023 Marketing Trends to Watch This Year

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In today’s world, marketing trends are constantly evolving along with technology and consumer behavior. Marketers must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. 

Some of the most prevalent shifts we’ve seen recently involve the use of social media, content marketing, data-driven marketing, heightened customer sensitivity, and the use of video. 

However, in today’s conversation, we’re narrowing down the list to a few specific 2023 marketing trends your business should watch closely this year. 

Stay Updated on These 2023 Marketing Trends

1. Use of AI 

Artificial intelligence has made its way into the realm of marketing and social media. The viral AI photo trend that took Instagram by storm is just one example. Advanced AI-powered chatbots, better automated analytics, and AI-based writing software are peaking marketers’ ears this year. 

2. More Video Content – Everywhere 

Everyone’s saying it, but prioritizing video content continues to be a top 2023 marketing trend. Short-form video takes the lead this year, with live video trailing closely behind. While TikTok is the obvious pick, don’t overlook YouTube Shorts. Shorts will pick up massively in 2023 as YouTube invests more into that feature. 

3. Engaged Customer Care via Social Media  

Social media is becoming one of the best places to engage directly with customers on a personal, help-desk level. Today’s consumers expect open ears from a brand’s social media, and companies that actively monitor their DMs and comments and reply publicly will gain the most favor. 


As we continue to evolve as a society, change our consumption habits, and lean into new technologies, marketing will follow suit and evolve. The marketing trends of 2023 may be a far cry from the trends of the future. Capitalize on what’s working today, right now, and implement agility into your marketing efforts for tomorrow. 

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